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What Can I Do For You?

Management Mentoring​

Walking hand in hand towards overcoming challenges and creating bigger business and personal successes.

Management Mentoring​

By understanding & exposing your successes, skills and abilities together and helping you re- define your way. Escorting entrepreneurs, people who experience a professional crossroads in their lives & C-Level position holders at critical career points. Together we will highlight what exists in YOU.

Business consultant

Providing my clients the assistance to achieve business leadership by creating the right strategic moves and breaking all glass ceilings in the process.

Business consultant

Deep understanding of the business DNA and culture allows me to improve business results & maximize business potential. Getting to know a company inside-out usually leads to services such as matching the right people to the right organization to suit everyone's needs.

C Level Recruitment​​

My recruitment process is precise & extremely rapid for both sides.

C Level Recruitment​​

My business circle of connection, interpersonal relationships, and the ability to understand people & a company's needs, allow me to leverage the entire combination for a bonsai result.

Anat L. Bershadsky​

About me

I’m Anat, thank you for taking the time to visit my    website.

I want to briefly tell you about what I do:

I’m a Senior Strategic & Business consultant who      believes that the way to achieve business & financial success happens by understanding numbers as well as people.









A bit more

Who am I?

From establishing & managing an elementary school to High-Tech companies and running my own business, I consider myself a very eclectic & practical person who      highly believes in duplicating one’s successes.    

With a ” Straightforward” approach and years of experience at managing business systems worldwide and mentoring multiple C-level managers, I implement my desire for challenges, opportunities and initiatives, my experience and organizational knowledge, my success experience and most of all my passion for people.

  • Specializing in family businesses and multi-generational business transfer.
  • Specializing in complex agile business atmosphere, risks, and opportunities.

M.A., graduate of Educational Management at Bar-Ilan University. Have taken some additional courses that assisted my growth: Business Directors, Financial Management, Dynamics of Negotiation.

My passion is outdoor sport activities especially cycling  which resembles life’s journey.

My Moto at Work

My methodology for each situation

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Data analysis


Out put


Together all the way

Our Clients

Life is like a bicycle ride: We have ups & downs, sometimes it gets bumpy, sometimes it's easier, it can be hot or cold but never give up on this great journey. If you’ve reached this far-

Let's have this amazing journey together.

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